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Working With Linda

There are two things Linda is passionate about; helping others and business.  If you’re looking for a dynamic and inspirational speaker, results driven coach or experienced operational management services professional, Linda can help!  She specializes in Organizational Leadership Management Consulting and Training, speaking and performance coaching. 

A child of first generation immigrants, Linda understands the struggle of feeling stuck between two worlds while dealing with the pressures life brings. As Hmong American woman, Linda has fought her way through two worlds to find her voice and identity while understanding how her culture defines her.  She understands how it feels to be stuck and unsure of who she really is and what her dreams are.  The journey she has taken to challenge her thoughts, beliefs and culture has allowed her to design her life; to choose which pieces of her culture she will take along with her without feeling like she has completely abandoning who she is.  

This has made Linda extremely passionate about helping others grow into the person they dream of becoming so they can maximize their full potential.  

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